Am I Enough?

Mental Health, Wellness By May 24, 2019

This can be applied to so many facets of one’s life but in this case, I am focused on the blogging/influencer industry.

After 8 long years in this cut-throat world and yes it is a world of it’s own some might even say a bubble. You start to question things. The obvious being “Is my content good enough?”, “Do I post enough”, “Why am I no longer on xyz PR list”, “Are my readers still enjoying my content”, “Why have my Instagram likes dropped” and so it goes on. The most difficult one to swallow is the superficial one because while the things mentioned above can be seen as challenges and worked on, one’s looks can’t always. I mean in many cases why would you even want to? In order to land a campaign as the face of a skincare product. No ways!

I am a confident woman and since I’ve just turned 29 I have had enough time on this planet to accept my physical flaws, internal ones are always a struggle.

The fact of the matter is that somedays one simply questions oneself. It’s human nature but it’s often 10 fold harder in this industry. The truth of this industry is that I often think perhaps I’d get more campaigns if I was skinnier, prettier, fit a certain mold or was more “out there” but at the end of the day I am happiest being me. Authentically me.

For me the biggest compliment I can receive from a reader is that they love my work or that it’s helped them in some way. The biggest compliment I can receive from someone in the industry is that I am very professional. I’d rather excel at those two then just be a pretty face.