27th Birthday Lookbook

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By May 13, 2017

So today I turned 27 years old. Well technically I’ll only be 27 at 7pm but technicalities aside I’m usually one of those people who actually loves their Bday and celebrating it but without a doubt will also end up crying on the day. I don’t know why but I always get so emotional even when I’m extremely happy and having fun. I wish I had some more profound things to say about getting older but this year especially my mind is focused on my exams and finishing my degree. I write two next week so most of my celebrating will be belated this year. Last year was such a challenging year with all my health issues and I’m really just grateful to be alive and have my health for the most part.

Oh and P.S shooting with helium balloons in Cape Town wind is so not easy but at least I made many passers-by smile. It’s strange how something as simple as balloons can put a smile on so many peoples faces.

Leather Jacket- YAS
Top- Mr P
Dress- ASOS
Bracelet- Michael Kors