Taste Of Cape Town

Influencer Events By May 09, 2012
The actual Taste of Cape Town was a couple weeks ago and somehow I totally forgot about these pics but wanted to share them anyway.
Taste of Cape Town is a wonderful annual event where chefs from all of Cape Town’s top restaurants are invited to showcase three of their dishes. The food is really, really good and even though the amounts are quite small you get to more than enough to fill you up by the end of the night.
It was a really chilly night and sadly it started to rain towards the end of the evening so many people were left to eat outside in the rain. Other then that the whole vibe was lovely.
First I had to get a glass of wine. Obviously!
Savour Restaurant at 15 on Orange hotel very yummy and fresh “Asian salmon sashimi avocado wasabi, crisp ginger salad and warm sesame and olive oil dressing” The dressing truly was divine.
96 Winery Road “Banana, whiskey cheesecake with a butterscotch sauce” I am not fond of banana’s so was pleasantly surprised that this didn’t taste very banana’ry at all! It was super filling though.”
Next up, some more wine…
I had two or three other meals but decided to just show my favourites, this was without a doubt the best! I even went back and got another plate.
Azure Restaurant at the Twelve Apostles Hotel “Avocado with cured salmon, bell pepper syrup and coriander” My mouth is watering just typing this. I have to go there and get the full version soon.
And now for the best dessert of the night…
Delish looking, right? Planet Bar and Restaurant “Do you wanna see my stiiiiik? All things Valrhona chocolate on a crisp wafer stick.” The chocolate circle thingy under the macaron was divine.