Summer Lust List- 4Flavour Accessories

Other By Sep 05, 2012
As the seasons change so do our wardrobes and with that our style too. I usually do a Winter Wants list at the beginning of autumn and as spring is finally here I see it only fit to do a Summer Lust List. Only problem is there are so many beautiful items out there that I am lusting over so I have decided to compile this list into five parts over the next five weeks. Let me know what you think of the items and what is on your own Lust List.
First up is accessories, YDE is one of my favourite stores to shop at and walking through their accessory aisle is like a kid in a candy store or in my case a hyperactive magpie so many pretty shiny things that choosing can be overwhelming. One brand in particular I am most drawn to is 4Flavour.
Here are some of the pieces from their Spring/Summer Collection…
Cuffed or Stacked?

4Flavour also does lovely necklaces and earrings, their full Spring/Summer collection can be seen on their Facebook page click here.