Skinny Green Coffee Review

Lifestyle Section By Jul 21, 2014

I am not one to usually promote weight-loss products but this is more of a kick-starter and it can be very useful come winter time when we tend to pack on those extra kilos. Simply put it is an instant coffee that helps one burn fat, it also boosts your metabolism and is rich in anti-oxidants.


SKINNY Green Coffee is an all natural recipe containing raw unroasted coffee beans, rich in caffeine (recognized to boost metabolism), Chlorogenic acid which is known to inhibit the absorption of fat and glucose. Yerba Mate, reduces triglyerides and modulates glucose metabolism. Antioxidant activity is also promoted.

Another key ingredient in SKINNY green coffee is Evodiamine, which has thermogenic properties, your metabolism is forced to speed up and work harder resulting in more calories and fat being burnt and less fat being stored. It also contains Raspberry Ketones that assist in increased metabolism of fat by the liver resulting in decreased liver triglycerides and visceral (abdominal) fat tissue.

So what does it taste like and does it work?
Firstly the taste is interesting, it has a distinct coffee aroma with the sweeter notes from the raspberry ketones present. The taste is pleasant but it definitely doesn’t taste like your regular cuppa. This is a good thing for me and I found myself adding almond milk to create a delicious after-lunch drink. The added energy boost is significant and I liked that it didn’t make me feel jittery but I certainly felt turbo-charged after a mug of this! The added thermogenic properties were certainly felt and I could feel a slight rise in body temperature after consumption. After drinking a cup a day without making any changes to my diet I lost 1.2kg, so it certainly does work. I wouldn’t use it long-term but it is great for fighting a couple stubborn kg’s. Overall I am very impressed.

For 1 carton which contains 14 sachets (this could be a week to 2 week supply) it retails online for R210, 2 cartons cost R400 and when purchasing 4 cartons you save R80 by paying only R760 (a great bargain if you want to go halvies with a friend or colleague). As with any weight loss/health product it is best to check with your doctor if you are on any chronic medication or have any health concerns prior to taking this product.