My style tends to lean towards a more classic look I do however try to experiment and add fun fleeting trends to my wardrobe but for the most part I prefer the more classic timeless look.
As my style evolves I am also trying to invest in more quality purchases. One of my favourite brands for top quality items is Hilton Weiner. I simply adore their crisp white shirts perfect for every businesswoman.
Their latest summer resort collection is spot on with gorgeous maxi skirts and stylish perfectly tailored dresses.
I am in love with this exquisite blazer! How divine is it, perfect for the workplace! This is definitely on my must-have list.
Hilton Weiner also has something for the guys…


  1. Love those outfits!
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  2. Love the outfits- they are definitely classic with a twist! The guys look like they’re dressed up and up to no good 😀

  3. i’d never heard of the brand, but it looks great!!

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