Loving At The Moment

Other By Jun 20, 2012
Still obsessed with it on my nails but am on the search for more accessories of this hue, can’t Spring come quicker!
In the past I always felt statement necklaces were too bulky and heavy but this season I cannot get enough of them. With Sass Diva having yet another sale my jewellery collection will definitely include a couple more of these.
As I am on my uni holiday I have plenty more time to catch up on series and not feel guilty about it.
Hart of Dixie– A totally charming and funny series. Looking forward to season 2!
New Girl– At first I found her annoying but was quickly bowled over and had plenty laughs, great comedic timing and acting from the whole cast.
Pretty Little Liars – I know that I am way behind with this series but have been meaning to check it out for a while now. Am only a few episodes in and while the acting is mediocre and very high-schooler. the plot has had enough intrigue to capture me so will give this show a chance. The fashion is pretty cute too.
Smash –  Have only seen the pilot and while I have heard this show compared as the adult version of Glee I cannot say whether this is true or not as Glee has never appealed to me at all. Smash is well-acted and the first episode swept me away in that it almost felt as if I was watching a movie which is always a good sign with a series.
Revenge – So far I am really liking this show, who thought the Hampton’s could be this dark!
Kauai Chai Latte’s –  perfect for chilly winter days.
Orgran Wild Raspberry Biscuits – So divine and gluten-free!
Gayleens Choccies – These are utterly scrumptious! My new addiction, the dark chocolate and mint is my favourite. They are made with cacao, honey and are completely raw and organic.