Lets Do Lunch

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Feb 21, 2012
I love eating good food, to appreciate and enjoy every mouthful is a must no matter what you are eating. So even though this blog is primarily fashion and beauty orientated when I enjoy a really yummy meal then expect a pic of it!
I explored Chelsea Garden in Somerset West and had an utterly delicious butternut salad at one of the restraurants there. The weather was sweltering so even the thought of eating any warm food was out of the question and I was really pleased to see such a scrumptious salad on the menu.
coriander and sage infused butternut salad, the blue cheese dressing really gave this a special touch (and I am not usually a big blue cheese fan)!
Really cool, unusual art work.
Note the chickens in the tree