Laptop Issues

Influencer Events, Style By Jan 30, 2012
Lately technology has been driving me insane, maybe it is the heat that is making me lose my patience quicker but everything technological that is around me has been giving me issues. Last week my laptop got a really nasty and smart virus that replicated itself over 2000 times in 2 days despite me having an up to date anti-virus installed.
I have been using the other PC but it constantly “freezes” on me and on top of that we are having problems with Telkom and cancelling our old contract for a better, cheaper, faster one. So all in all I am feeling rather frustrated as I cannot upload any photos from my camera to this PC as it does not have a card reader which means no outfit posts until I get my laptop back.
Earlier this month I attended the L’ormarins Queens Plate and was fortunate enough to have been one of an exclusive number of photographers given the opportunity to capture an image for the L’Ormarins Moment competition. I am still very, very new at photography but have always loved it so this was a true honour. You could submit up to 3 images but I only submitted these two.
So last week I was utterly shocked to find out that I was a finalist, unfortunately I didn’t win but the man that did win has been doing photography for over 35years so I didn’t feel too bad knowing that I was a finalist amongst such experienced photographers!