Fellow Wine Lovers Out There…

Other By Jul 12, 2012
If you regularly read my blog then you will know all about my love for wine. I feel that the more I learn about the complexities of wine and taste the incredible variety of wines South Africa has to offer the deeper my love grows.
I was honoured to be selected to be part of Wine Extra magazine’s new Cape Town based Taste Team, basically each month the five of us get to review six incredible (some not so incredible) wines.
Wine Extra is an utterly fabulous publication with over 22 500 subscribers and the best part is that it is completely free. The magazine is filled with interesting articles and you don’t have to be all that clued up on wine to enjoy it their slogan is after all “for wine lovers not wine snobs”!
Check out the July issue here and read the new Taste Team bios here.
The very fab and fun Taste Team