Estee Lauder Online Store Review

Everything Beauty, Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping By Feb 26, 2013
My love for online shopping has been exemplified since luxury beauty brand Estee Lauder launched their online store last year.I was kindly spoilt with a R2000 gift voucher to purchase from them and it was the equivalent to a kid in a candy store. All of their products are readily available to everyone in South Africa without the hassle of having to trudge through malls and stand in queues. You also feel as if you have given a present to yourself when it arrives and I highly recommend you select gift wrap as this isn’t any old wrapping paper. An exquisite sturdy gold box with all your items individually wrapped is what you will receive.

How gorgeous! The box is ideal for storing your makeup in.Each item is beautifully wrapped..

The store is easy to navigate even if you are an online shopping novice, the layout also exudes the luxury of the brand itself and you can easily spend hours perusing through all the items. What I liked about the Estee Lauder store compared to other beauty stores is that they offer you a fully detailed description of each product which is very informative. They also have a preview of the shades of colourfor their nail polishes and lipsticks. The only item that I recommend you rather go in-store for to test for an accurate shade prior to purchasing online is your foundation. They cleverly include a little empty vial amongst your freebies that you can take to anyEstee Lauderstockist and get a 7 day trial in the shade most suited to you. If you know your shade already then just click add to cart. A delightful little feature they offer is the repurchase option, for those of us who tend to not remember the names of our products all too well one can simply click repurchase and the system will recall which item you had previously purchased. 

These are the items I purchased as well as the free makeup bag and samples I received with my order.I will do a review on them soon. Note that they currently have a promotion on where if you spendR750 or more you receive free delivery and the makeup bag with samples of therelipgloss, advanced night repair and double wearmascara. Hurry while stocks last!