Essence My Skin Review

Everything Beauty By Oct 24, 2012
I recently received some products from Essence that will form part of their new summer MySkin range.
Overall I have been very impressed with Essence so I was very keen to try these out. The Essence range is very affordable and great quality too. MySkin products are aimed at teens but even those in their twenties and thirties will find wonderful products to suit their skin in this range.
First up..
Lets start with the product that disappointed me, the SOS Spot Killer.
It comes in a little glass bottle and has a brush to apply the formula with but the minute you open it the alcohol is apparent. It is very, very strong! I rarely get pimples but do get one once a month thanks to hormones so I love a good spot treatment but I am also not fond of using alcohol on my skin. It does contain calendula which is great for healing as well as zinc which is amazing for skin.
You just need to dab one drop on a spot and leave it on. As it does go white rather do it just before bedtime. It did reduce the size and redness of my pimple but like I said just dab it on when you really need something powerful and it isn’t a blind pimple. The reason this product was a letdown for me was because of the overbearing amount of alcohol in it and the heavy chemical smell.
However the rest of the products impressed me . The cooling eye roll-on is divine, it smells so fresh and is alcohol-free and perfume-free. It is perfect for when your eyes are feeling a bit puffy from the heat or from spending too much time in the sun. The best part is that it has a metal roller! Which is fabulous because if you pop it in the fridge before you use it then it will help increase the cooling effect!
Next up are their new tinted moisturizers..
These smell so incredible! They are ideal for summer as one doesn’t always want to wear heavy foundation or look as if they are wearing make-up. It smells fruity and fresh and is packed with Peach oil which aids soft and smooth skin as well as acai berry (which I love) that is rich in anti-oxidants so it protects against environmental damage. I love that they also add light reflective particles, this is great for creating a youthful glow and also balances out the appearance of ones skin.
I would definitely wear this to the beach or on days when you don’t want to wear makeup but still want to look presentable.
The light skin shade blended perfectly with my skin even though I am more medium generally, so only if you are more of an olive toned girl then go for the medium to dark skin shade.
If you want something with a little bit more coverage but still isn’t heavy enough to be called a base then the Essence Natural Cover Moisturizer is for you.
I really like this product and will be purchasing it in future when mine is up. I found with this one that the light is very light and I am the medium to dark skin. It is very different in shades compared to the tinted moisturizer.
This smells so fresh, clean and summery it applies quite well but you must blend to ensure it doesn’t leave marks as it does provide quite good coverage in a very subtle way. I would say that this is the perfect coverage for school or a work place where you don’t really want to look like you are wearing anything on your skin but it does help to balance ones skin out. I love that it is anti-bacterial so will actually prevent spots. How awesome is that!
Here I am wearing the Natural Cover Moisturizer in Medium to dark skin
I just added a touch of bronzer for contouring.