Entertain Me

Other By Aug 15, 2012
This semester is crazy short and with five final year subjects I barely have any “me-time”, these are the current books and series I am enjoying.
Books – Inbetween all my textbooks I have to work through I enjoy reading something light and fluffy. With The Carri Diaries movie coming out soon I decided to read these two books.
I have finished The Carrie Diaries and was sadly very disappointed, now I know it is based on when Carrie was in high school but the writing was deadly boring and didn’t seem like the Carrie we all know and love.
Summer and the City I am half way through and am enjoying it far more as it is about when young Carrie first heads to NYC and we meet Samantha and Miranda in it.
Series – As all of my usual favourite shows are on a break I have been searching for something new to watch. I still wait each week for Suits and Pretty Little Liars but the new show I have been working my way through is The LA Complex. At first the name intrigued me and then after reading the basis of the story line “about a group of young adult living in a complex in LA trying to break into the industry” my instant thought was oh this is going to be another 90210 type of show. Well it is most definitely not, firstly it is a drama and very raw and gritty. It is also the first show I have seen to show the true side of the industry filled with rejection, lies and how fickle human nature is. I am totally hooked.