Yesterday I stopped by the Blaauwklippen wine farm’s Sunday market. It was a scorcher of a day so didn’t stay for as long as I would of liked too.
So cool how they display the stalls under these really old national monument trees…
Like that they had a separate area to chill and listen to music, this guy had a really deep gruff sexy voice that one would never say he looked like this if you just listened to him playing.
Enjoying an unusual but delicious and refreshing Swedish drink, Wild berry apple cider.
They have all these amazing old carriages to view on the lawns, imagine travelling in one of these!
Physical labour is so not for me, I would much rather be in the carriage 😉
And finally I had to pick up my wine supply for the week…


  1. Wow!! That’s such an awesome way to display clothes.

    *wonders where I can get a cupboard like that*

  2. You look lovely and cool!

  3. Aw I love quaint places like this, its so great to see places in SA I would have otherwise never known about, Your photos are beautiful

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