Beauty Review: Yardley Stayfast

Everything Beauty, Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping By Mar 27, 2013
I have been testing out the Yardley Stayfast range and must say I am rather impressed as far as quality goes. The Yardley range is aimed at affordability so one should try to compare it to similar products within the same price range (i.e under R100).
StayFast Pressed Powder
I wanted to go for one in my shade but every place that I went to seemed to be out of the shade best suited to my skin colour so instead I opted for the 00 Translucent shade. There are 16 shades though so you are bound to find your exact shade. I love that they also have darker shades and cater for all ethnicity’s. Yardley claims is provides “a matte, even finish with a light, silky texture that helps control oil without drying the skin.” and it actually did all of that. With the translucent shade the effect was a lasting sheer mattifying effect.
StayFast Foundation in Medium Beige 03
My least favourite of the lot. I am very picky when it comes to foundation and I like them to be very light in formulation so that they don’t provide much coverage but create an even groomed look. This was a bit too heavy for my liking and provided too much cover, in saying that it did not come across cakey and did blend in well. I do like that it contains Amino Acids and has an SPF 20. Once again this comes in 16 shades.
StayFast Coverflage Concealer in Medium Dark
I love, love, love this product! Although the shading doesn’t lineup to ones foundation shade and you should definitely test and see which of the 6 shades work best for you other then that I am so impressed. The formulation is creamy and it literally glides on and provides a light but definite camouflaging effect. I have found myself using it for contouring and actually want to get one shade darker as well as shade lighter. If you want to play around with contouring then this is the product, affordable, great formula and comes in 6 shades ranging from chalky light to deep dark. The Stayfast Coverflage concealer contains soothing aloe, Vitamin E and C as well as nourishing avo and olive oils.