Beauty: Eyelash Extensions Review

Everything Beauty, Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping By Jan 16, 2013
I had my eyelash extensions done for the first time at the Petticoat Parlour, an utterly gorgeous place as you can see for yourself…
I love the girly theme!I was rather apprehensive about the whole process as I do have an eye phobia and the thought of trusting someone with tools and glue near my eyes for over 2 hours really did scare me. However after hearing great reviews about Petticoat Parlour I decided to put my trust in the very steady hands of Natalie and finally have them done.

You must go in with absolutely no eye make up on, not even eyeliner. They will then discuss all the different options with you and choose a lash that is the most similar to your own. I had 10mm which is the same length as my natural lashes (although without mascara they appear shorter as they are not very dark or thick) I also selected a medium thickness and a straighter lash.

The worst part follows, they then tape down your lower lashes. It does feel really weird and is not pleasant at all. Once that is over and all lower lashes are securely and comfortably taped you must keep your eyes closed for 2 hours. The beautician painstakingly applies a individual lash to each and every one of your own lashes. This is not bad at all and I even fell asleep for a while. You must make sure that you do not blink otherwise the glue fumes may burn your eye but nothing more serious can happen.

Although I look quite groggy in the after pic and my eyes did sting a bit from the tape being removed from the lower lashes I was so happy with the results. I love that I don’t have to apply mascara at all and they look incredibly natural. Maintenance wise you must not use any oil based makeup remover and it is important to brush your eyelashes daily to keep them tangle free and in order. They are not heavy or uncomfortable at all. I am so very impressed and after these 4 weeks are up I will definitely have them done again…and again…and…