Any Other Online shopping Fans Out There?!

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Mar 26, 2012
Boticca is an amazing online shopping store that has over 40 international designers this makes for an incredibly exciting and large range of products to choose from.
While browsing through their website I fell in love, yes it was with an inanimate object but I do believe handbags have feelings too…just take a look at this gorgeous handbag.
 Beauty, Perfection, Straight to the top of my wishlist!
So after catching my breath I checked out who the designer was and the rest of their pieces, I was also fortunate enough to be granted an interview with the talented Sara from Les Envers.
Les Envers gives its customers a piece of something authentically Italian through using Italian materials and making the pieces in Italy, all of which are limited edition.
All the pieces are made from the finest Italian leather, and are highly sophisticated in design and attention to detail.
In our globalized world in which low cost seems to prevail over all, Les Envers prefers to stick to high-quality pieces favoured by our customers, championing quality Italian materials.
In this collection Spring-Summer 2012 the materials are:
– Leather with stitching and contrasting colors (“Les Contrastes” collection)
– Fabric “stain” (waterproof to each liquid) with contrasting leather (“Les Infinitins” collection)
– Fabric “stain” hand-painted giving the effect of nail polish with contrasting leather (“Les Vichy” collection)
For the summer 2012 collection, we have added a little twist by introducing hand-painted linings to every piece.
For how long has Les Envers been a featured designer on Boticca?
Les Envers has been on Boticca since October 2011.
What does Les Envers mean and how did the name come about?
The name Les Envers was born when I was studying fashion design in Milan, in one of my first collections, it means the inverse, sort of “the complete opposite of everything”.
I love the classic style of your line, from where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
A bit of everything around me. The evening is the best time to think.
The “Les Vichy”  collection was made for the casual woman, a woman who loves taking risks and likes precious things, while “Les Contrastes” is more   for a more formal and romantic woman. But sometimes I have to create abandoning my personality … in today’s world a designer must also create a brand, a business; I am learning to think not only as a fashion designer but also as an entrepreneur; it is easy to create, but we also sell!
What are the current trends in the handbag industry?
The clutch- definitely. I should say “MiniPopins” and also the most functional bags, which I call “battle”- large, comfortable, easy to carry and they hold everything: “Les Popins.”
What is the must have style every woman should have this season?
I would say an envelope clutch is the perfect day to evening piece to be carrying. Just big enough to fit all of your essentials and still look chic.
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