13 Random Facts About Me

Other By Jan 11, 2013
I am very excited for 2013, there seems to be a really exciting positive energy in the air but I am also looking forward to this year because 13 is a very lucky number for me. I was born on the 13th and all through my life the number 13 has brought me good fortune.
So I decided to do a post slightly different to my usual fashion and beauty posts, 13 random facts about myself!
1) Final year Bcom Retail Management student, I hope to pursue a career in fashion buying.
2) I am allergic to Black Pepper
3) I cannot stand the colour purple or bananas
4) In another life I would of liked to be a surgeon but I cannot cut straight at all
5) This is probably because I ambidextrous
6) I have been a Pescetarian for 10 years
7) I prefer to eat with chopsticks and feel far more comfortable eating most things with chopsticks as opposed to a knife and fork
8) My two main motto’s in life are “Mind over Matter” and “Everything in life can be achieved with baby steps”
9) I don’t have pierced ears. I did have them pierced once before but it last about a week, I am just not an earring type of girl
10) I cannot stand the feel of bare nails, which probably explains my nail polish collection
11) I absolutely love photography and would love to invest in a slr camera to properly pursue this passion
12) I have an extreme eye phobia and am petrified as later today I am going for eyelash extension in preparation for the L’Ormarins Queensplate tomorrow. The thought of tools so close to my eyes freaks me out.
13) I am fiercely strong-willed and when I put my mind to something I refuse to back down, am the typical A Type personality
I am so very proud of this blog and how much it has grown over the past year. It truly means so much to me and I hope it continues to grow this year. Thank you to all my wonderful readers!