Famous Outfit of the Day


These are a few of my key pieces this season….

White jeans look chic and are so incredibly versatile, I can’t believe it took me so long to introduce them to my wardrobe.

I practically live in these heels so I apologise for them appearing so often in my outfit posts but they are just so comfortable. I also love that ankle strap heels can be worn with pants, shorts and skirts. This winter I will continue to wear strappy heels and pointed heels with ankle support straps. So glad that the chunky platform look is on its way out.

I am monochrome mad and have to force myself to buy one or two bright items for every five neutrals. This bright blazer works so well for the transition period.

I am all about statement tops and sweaters, they just add such a fun quirky element. This is actually a piece from a pajama set but I often wear “pajama” tops as actual tops, why not?!





9 Responses to Famous Outfit of the Day

  1. Mira says:

    You look so pretty. Love the cool white pants and the tee is so much fun 😀

    xx Mira


  2. lala says:

    the famous shirt looks too cute paired with the pink blazer and white pants! you look great dear!!

    Delightful Ideas

  3. I love the pop of pink you are wearing. It is perfect for here (it is spring here)
    and I am a sucker for a beautiful pair of heels. If you have beautiful feet as yours,
    you have to show them off.

  4. Ohh, such a great post again! :) Have an amazing day!! 😀


  5. Sheri says:

    Pink looks so awesome on you! I totally feel you on forcing yourself to buy colour, it really does look great xx

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