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27th Birthday Lookbook

So today I turned 27 years old. Well technically I’ll only be 27 at 7pm but technicalities aside I’m usually one of those people who actually loves their Bday and celebrating it but without a doubt will also end up crying on the day. I don’t know why but I always get so emotional even when I’m extremely happy and…

Bomber Jacket LookBook

And so my obsession with army green garments continues. I’ve also been particularly fond of the whole Bomber Jacket trend and now I can’t even imagine how I’ve never incorporated them into my wardrobe before. Practical, comfy and oh so warm! I’m off for the next week for exams so I am busy with revision this public holiday. Also can…

Fur Gilet LookBook

Yes, I’m back with a new #LookBook. I’ve been trying to restore some balance with blogging, studies, social life and work which is not as easy as it seems. I can’t believe I’m writing exams in less than two weeks and if I pass these then I will finally have my degree. I’m not too optimistic as my one textbook…

Army Green Lookbook

I’ve always been most fond of a more neutral palette which is evidenced in the number of monochrome looks that I’ve done. However, a few years back I had a lapse in judgement and character and became obsessed with colour-blocking, bright patterns and floral. I recently decided to overhaul and simplify my wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with going back…

Staircase Lookbook

I really love how these images turned out. Sometimes you’re just walking through a place and realise that your outfit fits in so well. This is exactly what happened here. I am also all about lighting and don’t like to edit after taking pictures, I know I probably should but to me they take away the purity of an image….

Satin Pink Cap Lookbook

I’m definitely not a sporty person but I sure do love the comfort that luxe athleisure offers. When I spotted this 4Flavour pink satin cap I instantly fell in love, even though caps aren’t usually part of my day-to-day wardrobe. Jacket- Woolworths Cap- 4Flavour Necklace- Jewels & Lace Handbag- Edit Collection Shoes- Nike