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Summer Loves

I love Summer, sunny days and delicious freshly picked berries so obviously these would be two of my favourite things to do during the long, lazy days of January. Enjoying the best cheesecake in the world at the Hillcrest Berry Farm and overlooking this incredible view. Yum Yum And going strawberry picking in the fields of Stellenbosch with all the…

Shopping. Sunglasses. Summer

I am in serious need of a new pair of sunglasses, a pair that goes with many outfits and a more timeless style. Today I am going to tackle the malls, have to pick up a few more things for Christmas and as a treat to myself I will pop into Sunglass Hut and hopefully find the perfect pair for…

Fresh, Floral Starts

Within the past week things have gone from being excessively fantastic to horrifically horrible. But I will be strong and soldier on, at least the weather is playing along and sun is the ultimate anti-depressant after all! So as promised from this week on I will be including a few outfit posts, I am still getting the hang of it…

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