Bright lips and a Little White Dress OOTD

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Nov 18, 2012
So exams are all done, now the long wait for results. I am feeling the desire to clear, sort and change so many things in my life at the moment.
I feel very drained at the moment and hope that a couple days of holiday will replenish me even though it is back to actual work soon.
Another thing on my To Do list is to catch up on all my favourite blogs as well as do a bit of mindless reading and series watching (let me know what you would recommend?).
Wearing the Estee Lauder eyeshadow and lipstick reviewed here .
Cuff- 4Flavour
Dress- G Couture
Nails- Essie Flawless
Wedges- Mr Price