Buchanan Digital Marketing Services

Buchanan Digital Marketing can offer Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing Services packages designed according to your current needs and strategic plans.

Social Media Management & Marketing Services

We consider all factors of your company when choosing which are the best social media platforms suited to your business’s needs.  – Facebook – Instagram – Pinterest – LinkedIn – Twitter – Tik Tok.

We strictly follow the Good Practice Guidelines set by each platform and adhere to online rules and regulations to maintain a high Domain Authority and that Social Media Page Quality is never compromised.

We offer assistance as to what form & style of social media content your company may require to stay current. Do you need more reach? Engagement? Brand Awareness? Authority?

We will create and implement content plans for each platform. Up-to-date posts with each platform’s important and ever-changing factors such as the required length of posts, style of form of content & copy and each algorithm’s desired number of hashtags. Ones that are often automated and individualised according to your target audience.

Web Design

Should you not have a website already or would like assistance with rebranding or updating the site itself then we can help. Another service available is Web Design where we can assist by creating one for you. 

  • Web Design specialising in WordPress sites. We focus on the Design aspects to ensure it represents your company’s Brand Identity.
  • Revamping/Overhauling the UX/UI design.
  • Website Creation- Set-up Hosting & SSL. Theme implementation & customisation.
  • Ensure all plugins are compatible & WordPress & Servers PHP are current.
  • Website Security & Monitoring for any vulnerabilities. Back-End: Installation of protection plugins & cybersecurity -Front-End Safety Compliant. Regular updates according to Google Good Practices, Cookie & Privacy Policies -SEO Keyword-Enriched Landing Page Copy.

Building Your Brand

The focus is to help build your brand & integrate it seamlessly with all digital platforms, like your company’s website, where a core focus is on SEO keyword implementation. 

As an established copywriter and as part of Search Engine Optimisation all site copy will provide a healthy amount of inbound and outbound links. Including keyword-rich content, help increase rankings and visibility. It also allows for furthering your brand authority online. 

Another offering provided is a complete Brand Identity Kit- Brand Logo Creation and strategic planning. 

Thereby creating a clear voice for your brand. Where its message can reach the desired audience. Your potential customer base.  

Contact Buchanan Digital Marketing

Contact Abby Buchanan from Buchanan Digital Marketing via info@buchanandigitalmarketing.co.za should you have any requirements you would like to discuss further.