Product Reviews
Most of the products featured on this site were given to me from the brands themselves or representatives/PR companies for the brands for possible reviews purposes. I am at no obligation to feature the products and do not receive compensation for these reviews unless otherwise stated. I will only review products or services that I myself or a correspondent for One Stiletto At A Time have used/experienced first-hand.
All reviews and opinions are unbiased. I always try to give the pro’s and con’s but will never feature a product that I did not like at all (unless it is a post about products not living up to expectations/hype).
Sponsored Posts
I do feature sponsored posts and these will be disclosed at the bottom of such a post. I only accept brands that are in line with my site, that I like and use myself and that I feel will appeal to my readers.
I have had brands pay to secure a product feature/mention. My opinion on a paid product remains unbiased and I will thoroughly test a product before accepting this. From now on these posts will be disclosed at the end of each post.
I am always open to doing campaigns with brands that are in line with my site and readers. I receive compensation for campaigns and this will be disclosed on each post. Usually a campaign is a post/series of posts about a particular brand/product as a well as features on my other social media platforms depending on the campaign.
I may at times use affiliate links. These are links from which I compensate if you click on or purchase from that site. You will never pay more for purchasing via an affiliate link and they do help us bloggers pay for overhead expenses that incur do to running a blog.
I will only feature banners from online stores that myself I enjoy using and have shopped via the store myself. Some banners are paid for, some work like affiliate links above.
Most of the images featured on this site were taken by me or a photographer for One Stiletto At A Time specifically. Any product image possibly used that was not taken by One Stiletto At A Time and was featured on this site was given permission by the PR/Brand that holds the rights to those images for marketing purposes only. I will always give credit if the image was from anywhere other than the aforementioned.
Unless otherwise stated, winners are chosen at random via Rafflecopter .
Blogging should be transparent and open. If any readers or brands have any queries then just pop me an email editor@onestilettoatatime.com

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